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The Brand

The core element of the Commonwealth Games brand is 'The Bar' which visually represents the Games' effort to raise the bar of sport for all humanity and a level playing field where athletes compete in a spirit of friendship and fair play.

The three converging points supporting the horizontal black bar represent the 'Trinity of Values' that symbolise the Games; unifying Humanity (red), giving all athletes a chance to realise their destiny (yellow) and promoting equality (blue).

'The Bar' was designed to be combined with text and emblems of the various organisations that make up the Commonwealth Games family and is never used on its own.

Consistent usage of the brand since its launch in 2000 has helped achieve the collective aspiration of all stakeholders within the Commonwealth Games movement, for the event to become more commercially successful and therefore sustainable.

With commercial success comes an even greater requirement to protect the Commonwealth Games Brand and further opportunity to enhance its value with future editions of the Games.

The Commonwealth Games Brand is the intellectual property of the Commonwealth Games Federation and rules protecting it are distinct from other multi-sport events.

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Any questions and requests to use the Commonwealth Games Brand should be directed to the CGF