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The Republic of Ghana, formerly the Gold Coast, became a member of the Commonwealth in 1957. This West African nation lies on the Gulf of Guinea and is surrounded by the Ivory Coast, Burkino Faso and Togo.

Ghana have been a regular force in the Commonwealth Games since 1954 missing only the 1986 Games in Edinburgh. Only their debut Games and the 1982 event in Brisbane failed to deliver medals with Jamaica in 1966 providing the stage for their biggest haul of gold, five. At the 2006 Games in Melbourne Ghana took home 2 gold medals with the Games in Delhi in 2010 yielding one silver and two bronze medals. 

The Ghana Olympic Committee was formed and recognised in 1952 and is responsible for organising their participation at the Commonwealth Games and the Commonwealth Youth Games.

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Capital - Accra
Population - 23,351,000
Time Zone - GMT +00:00
Language - English, Akan, Mole-Dagbani, Ewe, Ga-Adangbe
Currency - New Cedi (C)


Ghana Olympic Committee



PO Box M439
Ministries Branch
Tel: + (233) 277 600 914
Fax: + (233)

President Francis Dodoo
Secretary Richard Akpokavie