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Fiji out, but hope for athletes
Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Executive Board of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has confirmed that, consequent on Fiji’s suspension from the Commonwealth, the Fiji Commonwealth Games Association’s (CGA’s) membership of the CGF has also been suspended.

CGF President, Michael Fennell, reported to the CGF General Assembly in Delhi today on the process that lead to the decision.

“Fiji’s Commonwealth status was fully suspended on September 1 by the Commonwealth’s Ministerial Action Group and, therefore, it does not meet our own constitutional requirements for membership.

“However, the CGF Executive Board, and all members of the General Assembly, had great sympathy for the plight of the Fijian athletes who are aspiring to compete in Delhi.

“Hence, the General Assembly has endorsed my proposal to lead a delegation to the Commonwealth Secretary General, requesting him to take forward to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting a recommendation from us that sport be removed as part of the sanction imposed upon a nation suspended from the Commonwealth.

“This would provide an opportunity for the athletes of Fiji to participate in the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games.”


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