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Statement from the CGF CoCom
Wednesday, 05 May 2010

The Commonwealth Games Federation’s Coordination Commission has spent the past four days in Delhi, evaluating preparations for the Commonwealth Games that get underway in the Indian capital on October 3rd - in just 151 days.

The Coordination Commission, chaired by CGF Honorary Treasurer, Austin Sealy from Barbados, received detailed presentations from the Organising Committee and its delivery partners.

It also received reports from the various venue construction agencies on the progress of competition venues, the athletes’ village, and other Games’ infrastructure projects and undertook site visits to the main venues.

This is the final visit of the full Coordination Commission.

Progress Achieved

In December 2009, 70 critical issues were identified by the Coordination Commission and as at 5 May, 2010, this has been reduced to 38. Important achievements include:

  • Progress in relation to venue planning
  • Finalisation of workforce training arrangements and commencement of delivery
  • Securing of Games accommodation requirements
  • Implementation of major Games technology systems
  • Implementation of a successful Chefs de Mission Seminar
  • Resolution of all outstanding Travel Grant issues
  • The Conduct of 8 Test Events
  • Securing of US$40m in sponsorship to date with a further US$34 million under final negotiation and a healthy residual pipeline
  • Progress in relation to the ticketing distribution systems
  • Attraction of additional experienced Games operations staff to support local talent within the Organising Committee
  • The ongoing delivery of major services infrastructure by Delhi Government including for transport, water, power and other essential Games services
  • The attraction of 24,000 volunteers to date.

Key Challenges

  • While there remains much to be done to ensure readiness and a cohesive Games delivery from the opening of the Games Village on September 16th, the main concern for the CGF is the delay in the delivery of the major sports venues by the venue owners and, in particular, the JLN Stadium (Athletics & Ceremonies) and the Talkatora Swimming Complex, as well as the Games Village. These delays have a knock on effect and hamper the Organising Committee’s planning and implementation for final overlay, staff training, rehearsal, and simulation.  It is imperative that everything be done to accelerate works and that the agencies responsible for venue delivery cooperate fully with the Organising Committee to ensure the final planning for handover and operations.
  • Integration of all agencies within a cohesive operational and decision making system which has clear lines of communication, decision making authority and responsibilities at Games time is always critical, and this remains a challenge. But there is time to address this with the cooperation and commitment of all parties.
  • Games Security - the CGF continues to work closely with the OC, Delhi Police and the Governments of India and Delhi to monitor all Games security arrangements and has assigned specialist consultants to work on its behalf as is its standard practice for all Games. All parties, including the CGF, are committed to the conduct of safe and friendly Games which will be enjoyed by all.

The CGF congratulates the Chairman Suresh Kalmadi and his team at the Organising Committee on their rapid progress since December, and urges an increased acceleration in all areas which pose a substantial time or delivery challenge for the Games.


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