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Statement from the CGF
Monday, 23 August 2010

Response to recent media coverage on the appointment of consultants for the 2010 Commonwealth Games

Statement by the Commonwealth Games Federation

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) strongly refutes suggestions made in the Indian media in recent days of impropriety in relation to the appointment of consultants to the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

The CGF and its officers act with the utmost integrity, objectivity and accountability in everything they do. The CGF has a zero tolerance approach to corrupt practices or improper conduct of any kind. The recent allegations are not only unfounded and damaging to the Federation and the individuals against whom they have been directed, but also, unfortunately, to the reputation of the Games themselves.

The allegations of impropriety centre around the award of contracts to consultants. Recent coverage has focussed on the contracts with Sports Marketing & Management (SMAM), Fast Track and Event Knowledge Services (EKS) to provide marketing, sponsorship, broadcasting and technical services to the Organising Committee (OC).

The CGF emphatically denies any wrongdoing by the Federation or its officers in connection with the award of these contracts.

The Federation has made recommendations to the OC on a variety of issues. These recommendations are based on the CGF's knowledge and experience, as well as the reputation of the consultants and the way they have performed at previous major events.

The CGF stands by the recommendations that it has made. It is a matter for the OC, not the CGF, to appoint consultants, and to ensure that the selection follows proper process and is in accordance with Indian law. 
Some recent media reports have selectively taken information out of its original context and presented it in a grossly misleading manner. Furthermore, at no time did the authors seek clarification from any CGF officer before going public over the weekend.

Contrary to the suggestions in that recent press, the OC undertook open tender processes and came forward with its own recommendations to the OC Board. While the CGF has a right of veto under the Host City Contract in relation to the appointment of sales agencies for broadcasting and sponsorship, it does not have any power of appointment in relation to the award of these contracts.

The CGF has nothing to hide, and would fully support a formal investigation into the appointments in question by the appropriate Indian authorities.

In the meantime, the CGF and its officers reserve their rights to take such further action as they consider appropriate in relation to the misleading and unfounded allegations. For now, however, the Federation remains focussed on, and committed to, working with all parties, in an open and transparent way, to make the Games a success, and urges all others to do the same.


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