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Inspiring Athletes

Throughout Commonwealth Games history there have been many great athletes who have performed to their best and succeeded in winning medals. There are certain athletes though who stand out, either because of the number of medals they have won at one event, the longevity of their careers and continuous achievement, the manner in which they won a medal, or the way they performed, even if they missed out on a medal.

These athletes stick in the memory, define a particular Games or era in a particular sport and inspire the next generation of athletes to realise their own destiny by emulating their icons success. These athletes are the embodiment of the Commonwealth Games values; Humanity, Destiny and Equality.

In this section we will feature these legends and a new generation of athletes looking ahead to Delhi 2010 and Glasgow 2014.

If you are a young talented athlete aspiring to compete in the Commonwealth Games and want to find out how best to achieve this goal, you can contact the National Association that governs the sport in your country.

The National Association for your sport will be able to give you a better idea of the required standard you will need to achieve to get selected to compete at a Commonwealth Games or Commonwealth Youth Games, put you in touch with the best clubs and coaches, provide you with lists of relevant competitions and in some countries provide funding to support your preparations.

You should also contact the Commonwealth Games Association in your country to find out more about the Team selection process both for the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games.

In some countries, Commonwealth Games Associations also play a more active role in the development of their athletes in between Games, holding training camps and providing other assistance.

If you are an athlete who is not sure whether they are eligible to compete for a particular country in the Commonwealth Games, you should read Article 24 of the CGF Constitutional Documents and contact the Commonwealth Games Association in the country you wish to compete for.

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