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Level Playing Field

The Commonwealth Games Brand, ‘The Bar’ depicts the efforts of all organisations within the Commonwealth Games movement to ensure a level playing field, where athletes compete in the spirit of fair play.

At the Opening Ceremony of every Games an athlete from the host country takes an oath on behalf of all those competing that they will do so in the spirit of true sportsmanship.

The CGF shares the vision of the World Anti-doping Agency in valuing and fostering doping free sport and works in partnership with this organisation to promote and co-ordinate anti-doping policies and strategies which are implemented at the Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games.

The CGF Medical Commission produces materials which support Commonwealth Games Associations in educating athletes about the policies and testing procedures in place at the Commonwealth Games and the dangers and consequences of doping and works with the Organising Committees of the Games to make provision for such policies and procedures to be implemented.

Athletes wanting more information about anti-doping policies and procedures at the Commonwealth Games should contact the Commonwealth Games Association in their country.

For more information about the worldwide fight against doping in sport contact the World Anti Doping Agency.

visite the World Anti Doping Agency website

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