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Spotlight On Sport - Lawn Bowls

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Athlete Interviews

Scotland Ė Caroline Brown

  1. Caroline BrownHow do you feel about competing in a home Games?
    It's an honour to be selected to represent Scotland and even more special as it is a home games, I'm very excited to be part of Team Scotland and looking forward to the spectacle in Glasgow.


  2. How much difference does it make to be able to frequently train on the greens at Kelvingrove leading up to the Games?
    We will be taking part in a very extensive training programme leading up to the games and to be able to train on the Greens being used for the games will give us a great advantage over our competitors it is a great opportunity to maximise home advantage.


  3. What are your hopes and expectations for your performance and your teamís performance at these Games?
    I believe we will be the best prepared bowling squad ever going in to a games and I'm sure if we all perform then we will win medals.


  4. Do you think the Games in Scotland will contribute to increased involvement in the sport in Scotland in the future?
    I'm sure there will be an increase in all sports post Glasgow which will be great for Scotland, Bowls is a sport for all and I'm convinced the increased media exposure will attract many new people to the sport.


  5. What do you think the spectators will enjoy the most about the sport of lawn bowls at the Commonwealth Games and the atmosphere at Kelvingrove?
    The spectators at KG will witness the very best players in the world and will enjoy the high level of skill needed to compete at this level, Kelvin Grove the venue for the bowls is a very iconic venue in the heart of the west end of Glasgow and once the stands are full of Scottish support it will be an amazing atmosphere.


Wales Ė Para-Sport Team: Kevin Woolmore, Chris Gibson & Dave Powell

  1. Wales – Para-Sport Team: Kevin Woolmore, Chris Gibson and Dave PowellHow did you get involved in bowls, and what is it that you enjoy that keeps you involved?
    Kevin: I was invited to go to a local community centre where they had short mat bowls. I liked the game a trip was arranged to the North Wales Bowls Centre. I found that I liked the full length game even more. I have been playing bowls for 25 years now, I never played before I was disabled. I have represented Wales for the last 21 years.

    Chris: I first got involved with bowls in 1977 as a wheelchair bowler, I had a road traffic accident in 1976 which left me confined to a wheelchair and bowls was one of the sports I liked and got involved with. I enjoy playing bowls at all levels and meeting old and new friends.

    Dave: I started short mat bowls in 2003, progressed from there. The friendship of other bowlers and the opportunity to play against better players and improve my game.


  2. When did you find out that your disability category would be included in the 2014 Commonwealth Games and how did you feel about the chance to be selected?
    Kevin: I found out about 3 years ago when talking to the Scots lads, I feel excited at the chance to play in the Commonwealth games again.

    Chris: I first heard rumours about it in the summer of 2012 and I thought maybe a 50/50 chance of being selected.

    Dave: At Glasgow in August 2013.


  3. Did you change your training to give yourself the best possible chance for selection?
    Kevin: I usually play so many time a week I did not change my schedule much, just a few more practice sessions.

    Chris: I did play a lot outdoors (practise) leading up to the trials in 2013.


  4. What are you most looking forward to about the Commonwealth Games?
    Kevin: Life in the village and highly competitive competition.

    Chris: Taking part in them (Commonwealth Games) and representing my Country.

    Dave: Competing against other countries, meeting their players and beating them! Gaining a place on the podium.


  5. How do you think the atmosphere in the venue will be at Games time?
    Kevin: There will be an atmosphere of intense competition, and the noise of spectators and competitors will be more.

    Chris: I think the atmosphere will be great at all venues and spectators being fair to all Countries.

    Dave: Electric!


Australia Ė Lynsey Clarke, Jackaroos Captain

  1. Lynsey ClarkeHow do you think the greens at Kelvingrove will compare to what you are accustomed to in Australia?
    The greens are definitely going to be extremely different to what weíre used to as far as pace goes. In Australia weíre spoilt with quick pace greens - itís quite a finesse style of game - where as at Kelvingrove, I hear on the grapevine, that theyíre reasonably slow in pace, but all in all, itís going to be the same style of game with a bit more aggressive play and a bit of a slower track.


  2. What are you doing to ensure youíre prepared for the northern hemisphere greens?
    In Australia it is pretty tricky to prepare for the Northern Hemisphere conditions but weíve got greenskeepers all around the country that are preparing rinks and greens for each of the individual athletes in all the different states so they can train. The few that donít have specially prepared greens have been getting out onto Croquet fields. The Australian team also have a base at Maribyrnong Park in Melbourne that we have been training and trialling on which is ideal for us to try replicate Kelvingrove greens. The whole team is going to head out to Ayr quite early so we will be well and truly in the swing of things by the time the competition starts.


  3. How often do you train and compete, and how do you juggle this with other commitments in your life?
    At the moment, Iíve tapered off a little bit, as we've recently had milestone events in the Australian Open and Australian Sides Championships that Iíve been training for and competing in, but for my own personal training leading up to the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games Iíve been hitting the heavy greens three times a week, but also off green preparation like getting into the gym regularly because we have to be physically quite fit to ensure mentally we are going to be on top of our game with the long days ahead. Thereís lots of things going on at the moment, but Iíve got very supportive friends and family, and at my club environment, so Iím able to juggle everything quite nicely.


  4. How do you feel about the revised format for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, giving bowlers the chance to compete for two medals each?
    Iím really excited about the prospect of competing for two medals, this is my third Commonwealth Games and only my first time ever to compete for two chances, so itís a very exciting opportunity, but in saying that you donít just want to be focusing on one discipline or the other, both will require a lot of work. It would be truly awesome to come away with two gold medals. The fact that the competition is back to traditional play takes a little bit of the luck out of the game so Iím really looking forward to it.


  5. What do you think organisers can do to make this Games a great Games for the athletes?
    Having lots of volunteers and enthusiastic workers and spectators at all the venues makes a huge difference. I’m sure the Village is going to be absolutely amazing. I suppose looking back at the two Games that I’ve been to, I think the volunteers and the organisers have been the elements that have made the difference and make it a truly special environment – so if there are happy, friendly, and knowledgeable people, about the sport and the area itself, I think it will be a great Games.


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