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Interviews with Donald McIntosh, Jen McIntosh and David Phelps

All this week the CGF will be taking an in-depth look at the sport of shooting, which made its first appearance in the Games in 1966.

Today we interview Donald and Jen McIntosh, who are stalwarts of Scottish shooting, and David Phelps of Wales, who competed in both Melbourne 2006 and Delhi 2010.

Donald McIntosh
Role: Team Scotland Shooting Manager and Performance Manager at Scottish Shooting.
Event:  David competes in the 50m Rifle Prone.

  1. Donald and Jen McIntoshHow long have you been involved with the Sport of shooting, both as an athlete and coach/ Manager?
    Well I started shooting in 1978 and started competing international for the University of Edinburgh in 1984. In total eleven of us from that university club went on to compete at Commonwealth Games up to and including 2006.

    Along the way I married one of my team mates, and we had our family along the way, and young Jen in particular was pictured as a child wearing Mum’s medals!

    I missed selection for ’94 and ’98 but finally made the team for Manchester 2002, where I came fifth and ninth.

    I started coaching in 2003 on retirement from competing. I was Head Coach for Scotland at both the 2006 and 2010 Games, with my athletes winning six Gold, two Silver and two Bronze medals.  I also became Performance Director for Scotland, as well as Head Rifle Coach for Team GB at the 2012 Olympics.


  2. Of course your experiences and prowess has been passed down the McIntosh line to include your daughter, Jen. Now Jen has a very special place in Scottish sporting folklore after here efforts in Delhi doesnít she?
    Yes, she’s the most successful female athlete at a single Games with two Gold and a bronze medal.  Of course she needs at least one more silver to equal her Mum, still one of only two Scottish women with four medals.


  3. How are Jenís and the wider teamís preparations going?
    Right now we have a team of rifle and pistol shooters in Luxembourg competing, a group of Shotgun shooters training in southern Spain and some full bore shooters have been in Arizona since the New Year for warm weather training.  The winter months to date have already been busy with training primarily based now in Edinburgh for Rifle, at Callander for pistol and abroad for shotgun – they’ve been to Portugal already in 2013. 


  4. What does a Home Games mean to you and the team?
    We’re really looking forward to a home crowd and their support and encouragement for the Scottish team means a lot.

    A home Games also brings challenges as the media will be particularly interested in Scottish athletes and sometimes they may get distracted by family and friends which are close by. It’s really important for us to keep the athletes inside the Commonwealth Games bubble so they can remain focused on their performance.


  5. Both from an Athlete and Coaches perspective what are you looking for from the organisers of multi-sport Games, what makes it a Games great for an athlete?
    We are looking for an excellent field of play; Good firing points, effect of the wind and targets must be world class. The range staff are also important, highly qualified technical officials plus the volunteers. The volunteers really make the Games, in London they were unbelievably helpful and we look forward to having a great team to assist again.


Jen McIntosh
Country: Scotland
Participated at: Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 (1st, 1st, 3rd, 5th), Pune Commonwealth Youth Games 2008 (2nd)
Event: 10m Air Rifle, 50m Prone and 50m Three Positions.

  1. Jen McIntoshWhat first got you interested in Shooting?
    Both my parents are rifle shooters and it's always been a big part of my life growing up.  As a kid I was desperate to get involved and follow in my parent’s footsteps.










  2. Jen McIntosh & MotherWhat does/did it mean to you to represent your country at the Commonwealth Games?
    The Commonwealth Games were always a big thing for me growing up, with both my parents competing at Games throughout my lifetime, so to be part of something so important to me was really special.  I'm also really proud to be Scottish so the Commonwealth Games are really important because it's the only multi-sport event where I can compete under the Saltire!

    It's always special to do your country proud and I'm really looking forward to doing it all again next year.  The fact that it's at home makes it even better!





Dave (David) Phelps
Country: Wales

  1. David PhelpsCan you tell us about your training for Glasgow 2014?
    My training and preparation for Glasgow 2014 is going very well, roughly to plan and I feel is on track to take me to the heights I know I can achieve. My training is not just about getting onto the range and firing lots of shots, although at times there will be a greater percentage of that during the prep cycle. There has been a controlled and balanced direction for my training incorporating many aspects of sports science, Physiology, Psychology, Nutrition and lifestyle management.


  2. What was it like participating at the Melbourne and Delhi Commonwealth Games?
    It brings me such pride to have represented Wales at the past 3 Commonwealth Games, the pinnacle of achievement for my home nation. Melbourne was particularly special for me as I had an exception games experience, coming away With Gold Bronze Medals. Having your national anthem played for you is one of my strongest and most emotionally stirring moments of my life to date.  Delhi was a great experience also, with a different feel and for me a slightly different lead up. Trying to battle and cope with an injury made it quite a lot more testing and trying than I had expected and unfortunately performance showed.


  3. What are you looking forward to the most at Glasgow2014?
    It’s the competition I love the most, and really can’t wait to get struck into it! Seeing as Glasgow 2014 is part of the UK, it will feel a bit like a home games, allowing friends and family the opportunity to watch and support. Seeing old friends from around the Commonwealth, and making new ones is something that is truly special.


  4. What do you enjoy most about your sport?
    Shooting is a sport for all. Pretty much anyone can have a go, participate and compete and the only thing limiting their success is their own drive and determination. I got into Shooting through my family, all of whom have represented Wales at National level.  Shooting has allowed me to travel and compete all around the globe, seeing many different and interesting places and meeting a lot of friends worldwide. It’s the competition I love the most though, it’s what I truly thrive on and it’s what helps keep going through those sub-zero training sessions in winter! The fact that after over 25 years of participation and competition I still enjoy shooting reflects on how I truly feel!

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