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Guide to Weightlifting

Kathsia Elizabeth Telemanque of the Seychelles competes in the Women's 48 kg weightlifting final during day one of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth GamesOver the next few days, the CGFs Spotlight on Sport will turn to Weightlifting and Para-Sport Powerlifting perhaps the most dramatic events at the Commonwealth Games.

Weightlifting requires gravity-defying strength, as male and female athletes heft huge weights into the air with every lift from a standing position.

Athletes compete according to 15 pre-determined body-weight categories (seven for women, and eight for men). They compete in two events (Snatch and Clean & Jerk) of which their heaviest successful lift in each discipline is recorded towards an overall total.

The Games will also include a Powerlifting competition for Para-Sport athletes, where weights will be bench-pressed into the air from a stationary position, with individual bodyweight and technique playing a major role in determining the overall medallists. Some of these athletes can lift three times their bodyweight!

Spectators will experience the intensity and drama of this competition at the SECC Precinct and tomorrow well be giving you loads of advice about how to make the most of your experience!

Did You Know?
Weightlifting was first at the Commonwealth Games in 1950. Women have competed since Manchester 2002. International Federation: International Weightlifting Federation:
International Paralympic Committee:

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